New focus on Northern dams

The Governments Dams Taskgroup announcement brings welcome renewed attention to water management issues across Australia, according to North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald.

However Senator Macdonald has expressed some concern over the make-up of the Taskgroup.

While the focus of the Taskgroup will be on Northern Australia which hosts most of the available water, no representative of Northern Australia has been appointed to it, Senator Macdonald said.

As the rest of the continent gets drier, scientists suggest that rainfalls across the north of Australia will increase.

This valuable national asset continues to be wasted, with most northern rainfall flowing out to sea.

60 per cent of Australias rainfall is in the north and it is simple common sense that this is a resource we need to capture and manage for the benefit of all Australians.

Senator Macdonald is determined that the views and interest of northern Australians are heard through their northern parliamentarians.

Parliamentary representatives like George Christenson, Ewen Jones, Warren Entsch, Nigel Scullion, Natasha Grigg and Melissa Price know and understand the value and importance of the sustainable capture, storage and distribution of this valuable commodity.

I will do what I can to ensure that these voices of experience are heard.

With the positive outcomes being generated by the Ord River Scheme, Senator Macdonald said it was also disappointing that there were no West Australian parliamentarians on the Taskforce.

The Taskforce comprises Commonwealth Ministers two from South Australia, one each from Victoria, Tasmania and NSW and one from southern Queensland.

This announcement builds on the Coalitions Dams Taskgroup that did a great deal of work in the last Parliament and I welcome it. But it is disappointing that this
Taskgroup, unlike the previous one, contains no-one from the rain-rich top half of our country, Senator Macdonald said.

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