More confusion on Abbott Point

Another Labor environment minister, another backflip. This time its the Abbott Point approvals.

After years of delays, new Environment Minister Mark Butler has pushed back the decision, long promised for yesterday by the previous occupant of his chair, because Mr Butler needs more time to consider the question.

Such indecision and procrastinating is a disaster for industry and business in the North and has been for the past six years of chaotic Labor government, said Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition Spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia.

Previous Minister Tony Burke has been considering the question for years, and a decision was promised for yesterday.

No wonder investment is drying up when investors simply cannot rely on the government to make decisions and stand by them.

Who is going to put their money on a government which is just as likely to change its decision, or refuse to even make one, when minority groups pressure them, or it suits their political agenda

You only have to look at the disastrous live cattle ban, a decision based on nothing but a television show and a vocal campaign by green lobbyists, or the switcheroo pulled on the supertrawler, first given clearance to fish, then when it arrived it was banned.

Now, when the Whitsundays business community is hanging out for a decision on Abbott Point, a new environment Minister confesses he is not across his portfolio and cannot make a decision.

More than hanging, the Whitsundays business community has been hung out to dry.

This is no way to run a government and leaves the entire country unable to function properly without any stability at the top.

The Prime Minister must call an election and let the people decide if they want more chaos and dysfunction or the opportunity of a stable government which will get the economy back on track.

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