Mood of optimism in Mount Isa

Mount Isa has a much brighter future following the election of a new government, evidenced by the successful public meeting on Monday night.

North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald said that it was pleasing to see the news at the community meeting being so positive, Mt Isas future is looking good.

After the gloom and doom which I saw so much of in Mount Isa in my extensive pre-election campaigning there, it is great to see the new mood of optimism which has sprung up since the change of government, Senator Macdonald said.

It seems that the pessimism which followed Xstratas takeover of MIM mirrored the pessimism which arose when Glencore took over Xstrata but in both cases there was a silver lining in those leaden clouds.

Clearly Glencore, like every other mining investor was cautious about the future with the carbon tax and the mining tax hanging over their heads like a financial guillotine about to fall.

But now with a change of government they can afford to be more optimistic and make realistic plans for the future, as evidenced by the recent community meeting.

Our government is determined to repeal these two iniquitous taxes, but there is some way to go because of a recalcitrant Senate blocking us at every turn.

I urge any Mount Isa person with any connection at all with the ALP to tell their party to get out of the way and let us get on with the job of getting the country and the economy back on track, Senator Macdonald said.

And this needs to start with the ALP allowing the will of the people to prevail and these taxes to be abolished.

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