Momentum builds for investment in the North

News that Indonesia will lower sugar tariffs and boost its beef imports, together with a senior Minister’s call for international investment in the North, are a clear reflection of the strength of the Government’s commitment to develop Northern Australia, according to Northern-based Government Senator Ian Macdonald.

“The case to develop and invest in Northern Australia has been strengthened by news that two of the north’s biggest export industries, sugar and beef, will be boosted as a result of the Indonesian government’s decision to reduce tariffs on sugar and increase beef imports, which was announced during the Indonesian President’s meeting with Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney yesterday,” Senator Macdonald said.

“Together with the Foreign Minister’s calls for Irish investment in the North, both announcements serve to reaffirm the Government’s multi-billion dollar commitment to the development of the North.”

“The Turnbull Coalition Government has a very clear plan to grow and develop northern Australia, which has been outlined in the Northern Australia Whitepaper.

“Progress is already well underway, and these latest announcements, together with the launch of the northern CRC board, will continue to ensure the Government’s agenda to attract investment across the North remains the focus of key negotiations with our trading partners.

“Only a Coalition Government will continue to drive the investment and growth that will unlock the vast potential of Northern Australia that will support that economy and provide jobs for young people.”

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