Mobile phone black spots on the agenda

Representatives of rural and remote areas of Far North Queensland shared their experiences of mobile phone black spots with Federal MP Paul Fletcher, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, at a meeting in Mareeba today(SUBS: Friday, July 4).

Liberal Senator Ian Macdonald, who organised the meeting, said he was delighted that people who were directly affected by poor mobile coverage could relate their experiences directly to Mr Fletcher.

"The Coalition is delivering on its election promise to allocate $100 million to fix this problem that affects so many people living in remote parts of Australia," said Senator Macdonald.

"It can be very frustrating when important calls drop out, particularly in times of natural disasters or medical emergencies.

"Fortunately, the Abbott Government is taking the matter seriously and will deliver on its election promise," he said.

Representatives from most local authorities in north-west Queensland as well as Gulf Savannah Development Inc., attended the meeting.

"Removing black spots in the mobile phone network will enable people living in these areas to conduct their business and personal affairs more efficiently and in a more timely manner," said Senator Macdonald.

"I am well aware of the problems that call drop-outs create in terms of safety, health and education, recruitment of staff and especially during severe weather events; today’s meeting will ensure that these problems will finally be addressed by the Coalition."

Senator Macdonald said fixing mobile phone black spots was another tangible example of the Abbott Government’s commitment to unlocking the potential of Northern Australia.

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