Mixed messages from the Member for Kennedy

Contradictory messages from the Member for Kennedy on Skynews Richo last week will leave voters in Kennedy scratching their heads.

Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia, said Kennedy constituents had been contacting his office in confusion over Mr Katters contradictory stance on unions.

On the one hand, he stated that all workers should have the right to arbitration and that he was to the left of the Labor Party on workers rights, Senator Macdonald said.

The next minute he was complaining that food processors were all moving overseas because processing in Australia was too expensive and he was going to do something about it.

Exactly what, of course, he didnt say. As is usual with him, its all talk and no actual action but this time even the talk doesnt make sense.

If he wants to increase the power of the unions, which it seems he does, then thats not going to do anything to bring down the costs of production. Combined with the carbon tax, union demands are making it uneconomic for manufacturers and food processors to do business in this country.

Then, I suppose, for an MP reportedly being the recipient of a $500,000 donation from the Electrical Trades Union, one can only think he would be doing the unions bidding.

Mr Katter has to clarify whether it is true that Dean Mighell, a vociferous union operator, is really his adviser on workplace relations.

Senator Macdonald said the voters of Kennedy had a clear choice.

If theyre happy with the Gillard government then they can vote for the sitting member, he said.

But if they want real change and the rebuilding of a prosperous and stable economy, then they must vote for the LNP candidate Noeline Ikin and for the LNP team in the Senate.

Only the Coalition has a plan to ease cost-of-living pressures on families, help small businesses grow and create more jobs, strengthen the economy and take the action necessary to secure our borders.

And our 2030 Vision for Developing Northern Australia shows we have a plan for the North as well.

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