Meet the LNP Senate Team on Monday, June 9, Buss Park, Bundaberg, 9.15 am

On Monday the LNP Senate Team starts a week-long road trip around the Wide Bay region, meeting with residents, councillors and business people to hear their concerns and their wish lists for a possible change of government.

Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition Spokesman on Northern Australia and leader of the team of Senate candidates said that the purpose of the trip, the fourth in a series across Queensland, was to introduce the candidates - James McGrath, Matt Canavan, Theresa Craig and Amanda Stoker - and to give people in the region a chance to have their views and ideas heard.

We have been campaigning hard around the state, said James McGrath, number two on the ticket and best known for managing the successful election campaign for Campbell Newman.

It is extremely important in this election to encourage people to realise how vital their Senate vote is in getting the country back on its economic feet.

Matt Canavan, number three on the ticket, and an economist, agreed.

If the Coalition wins government on September 14, the Senate must be able to support the Government to get the country back on track to prosperity, he said.

We must wrest control of the Senate from the toxic Labor/Greens alliance

Candidates Theresa Craig and Amanda Stoker said that there was no room for voting differently on the two ballot papers, for the House of Representatives and the Senate, in this election.

Sometimes people vote differently in the Senate with the idea that it will be a safety valve, Ms Craig said.

But this election is too important. The country and the economy are in a terrible mess, its hurting families, businesses, farmers, everybody. We must give Tony Abbott the tools to fix it.

There will be a Press Conference on Monday June 9, at Buss Park in Bourbong Street, Bundaberg to meet the team.

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