Meet the LNP Senate Team in Hervey Bay

Tomorrow (Tuesday June 11) Senator Ian Macdonald and the LNP Candidates for the Senate James McGrath, Matt Canavan and Theresa Craig will be walking the Esplanade at Hervey Bay, meeting the business people of the area and hearing their concerns.

We have been taking road trips around the State, Senator Macdonald said.

To introduce our candidates to the electorate, which covers the whole state, not just the southern cities as so many in the Labor party seem to think.

We are also here to listen to the issues and ideas of as many people as possible so that, if we are elected to government in September, we will be ready to govern from Day 1.

James McGrath, best known as campaign manager for Campbell Newmans victory, said the team was particularly concerned with explaining to voters the importance of their Senate vote in this election.

We all know the country is in a terrible mess, Mr McGrath said.

If we are elected to government in September it is vital that we dont leave the Senate in the hands of Labor, the Greens and the Independents, who will block our attempts to revive the economy and create jobs and prosperity.

Candidate Theresa Craig said that the immediate abolition of the carbon tax would bring instant relief to families and businesses.

If we are elected to government, it will be Tony Abbotts first action in parliament, to bring in legislation to get rid of the carbon tax and lifting this crippling yoke will bring down costs for all Australians, Ms Craig said.

Meet the team tomorrow from 1pm on the Esplanade at Hervey Bay.

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