Medicinal Cannabis Report Unanimous

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee (‘the Committee’) will today table it’s landmark Inquiry report into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014.

 The Chair of the Committee, Government Senator Ian Macdonald, today said that the report reflects the universal nature of support for the regulated use of medicinal cannabis and has attracted support from Senators from all political parties.

 This Bill, introduced by Greens Senator Di Natale and co-sponsored by a number of Senators from all parties including Senator Macdonald, was referred by the Senate to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee for investigation and report.

 “It seemed inequitable to me that some Australians were literally required to commit an offence – or spend thousands of dollars accessing treatments overseas – to bring recovery from illness and relief from pain to their loved ones,” Senator Macdonald said.

 Support for medicinal cannabis trials has been passed at LNP conventions, and through the Inquiry process the Bill has attracted further widespread non-partisan support that is also reflected in the State government jurisdictions that are holding trials.

 “The Committee conducted a number of public hearings and every member, even those of us who may be considered on the conservative side of politics, was moved by the stories of ordinary Australians whose lives of suffering were transformed by medicinal cannabis treatments.

 “There is, however, still work to do and while the Committee supports the principles behind the bill, there are a number of technical and jurisdictional issues that need consideration before the bill can be proceed through the Senate.

 “Senator Di Natale has indicated his intention to introduce his Bill into the parliament for debate in the near future.”

 The Committee’s report will be available at:

 A joint press call of the Bill’s co-sponsors will be held in the Mural Hall at 11.45am tomorrow prior to the commencement of The Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy & Law Reform’s briefing on the Medicinal Cannabis Bill.

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