Media Statement – QNI Yabulu Redundancies

I feel for workers both present and past, and their families, as uncertainty regarding their futures continues. I hope that Clive Palmer will come good and re-employ all workers and guarantee all entitlements.

Anything less would be very difficult for the employment situation in north Queensland already at levels too high because of the downturn in the mining industry.

The state and federal governments could help with immediate action that in both cases would not be a cost to the revenue.

The State Government can help today by immediately announcing the go ahead of the Adani Mine and railway project.  It will provide some hope for the unemployed in the north Queensland region and it will not cost the State Government anything.  All approvals have now been given and all that is needed is for the mining licence to be issued.

The State Labor Government needs to bite the bullet, ignore their Greens Party manipulators, and give approval to this project immediately.

The Federal Government can help by bringing forward the plans for massive spending in the Townsville area that were foreshadowed in the Defence White Paper.

I will be working with local MPs Ewen Jones and George Christensen to do everything possible to help those without jobs in the north.

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