Media Statement from Senator Ian Macdonald on the Spill

I am disappointed that a spill is being called. I hoped it would not. I always think there are better ways of resolving any internal issues than a spill which will leave a group of the party unhappy.

I will be voting against the spill.

I do not think the spill will be successful, but I hasten to say I have spoken to no one about this and no one has contacted me.

My total focus is what is best for Australia and I know that what is best for Australia is to have a Liberal Government after the next election.  We can’t go back to a Labor government which will borrow more money to buy off voters with promises that are simply unaffordable and that will leave our children and grandchildren an unsustainable debt to pay off.

As I have said publicly for some time, and to the Prime Minister directly at a meeting in Canberra yesterday, we do, as a Government, need a complete change of approach to policy and process,  but that does not necessarily mean a change of leadership at this stage. But we do have to do things differently or I fear for the next election and for the future of Australia.

I have no personal interest in the outcome of any spill. I am not a member of Cabinet or the wider ministry and hold no official position.   I am motivated only by what is best for Australia and what is best for my constituents in Queensland.

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