Macdonald Welcomes Gas Pipeline

Northern Australia’s potential to provide benefits to all Australians gained momentum yesterday when the proposal to construct a natural gas pipeline from Darwin to the East Coast of Queensland was granted Major Project status.

Northern LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has welcomed the announcement as an indication of the coming of age of the North.

“This would be just one of a vast array of projects and initiatives that will build on Northern Australian skills and resources to provide benefit to the rest of the nation.

“Harnessing the natural assets of the North is already happening across the mining and agricultural sectors” said the Senator.

“And all Australians are the beneficiaries.”

Under the proposal, which is yet to attract private backing, a pipeline would be built either from Alice Springs to Moomba, from Tenant Creek to Mount Isa, or from Alice Springs to Tenant Creek to join the Carpentaria Gas Pipeline in Queensland.

Senator Macdonald said that it is critical that governments across jurisdictions work in tandem to facilitate a vibrant and successful network of projects and communities across the North of the continent.

“Taxpayer’s dollars will not be committed to this project but government can still do a lot to help private interests get such an enterprise off the ground.

“And where better to be focusing investment and development? I don’t think anyone can doubt the abundance and potential of the North.

“The Gas Line project proposal will build capacity, solve energy challenges for populated Southern centres, create jobs and contribute to communities in the regions it traverses.

“Australians have never been shy of an undertaking of this size.

“Millions of Australians will benefit from the bounty of the north.”

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