Macdonald smacks Green motion

Queensland LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has today discredited a motion by Greens Senator Larissa Waters that suggested the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) had opposed the Capital Dredging project at Abbott Point Coal Terminal.

 "This is nothing more than the lowest form of fear-mongering that is based on inaccuracies" said the Senator.

"But what else can we expect from the Greens?"

Senator Waters’ motion suggested that documents received under Freedom of Information showed that the Marine Park Authority had determined adverse environmental impacts from the dredging project that would justify a revocation of approvals.

Senator Macdonald pointed out to the Senate that the Greens’ position was not an accurate representation of the facts.

"This motion gives very much a wrong impression of what GBRMPA decided," said Senator Macdonald.

"The Coalition of course opposes this motion because it is inaccurate and based on a report done by a junior official that was never even submitted to the decision maker."

Senator Macdonald pointed out that the advice that was accepted by the Minister on the matter of the dredging was provided formally by GBRMPA.

"This freedom of information material obtained by the Greens and their radical friends is simply a document that never saw the light of day."

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