Macdonald Only Voice of Reason on QLD Committee

The Government has today highlighted the cynical and retaliatory nature of the Senate Committee being formed at the behest of the Palmer United Party.

Queensland Senator  Ian Macdonald, who will be the government’s representative on the committee inquiring into the Queensland government, asked a series of questions in the Senate today that revealed the true nature of the shabby deal that has been done between PUP, Labor and the Greens.

“The motion to create this abusive and cynical committee failed on its first attempt” said Senator Macdonald.

“The bargaining chip that got it over the line this time was an agreement to demolish the Coalition government’s one-stop-shop for environmental approvals.

“This” said Senator Macdonald “ highlights the total and abject disregard of Labor, the Greens and PUP for the welfare of Australians”

During question time today senator Macdonald was told that six national business organisations had expressed their unqualified support for the one-stop-shop, and that if the policy were wound back it could cost 70,000 jobs and up to $160 billion in lost productivity.

“This is Australian productivity, Australian jobs and Australian prosperity that is on the line” said the Senator.

“And clearly the Greens, PUP and Labor could not give a toss. They are more interested in cynical political games than they are in properly governing the nation.”

Senator Macdonald also questioned the constitutional and legal basis of the committee and was advised that it is on shaky ground.

“Former Clerk of the Senate Evans once warned the Senate of the operation of the principle of “comity” which in such a case could result in the conventions of the parliament being abandoned and a series of retaliatory inquiries being formed” he said.

Senator Macdonald has pledged that as the lone voice of reason on the committee he would ensure that the voices and testimony of those called to give evidence are not distorted or concealed by the pre-conceptions and agendas of the opposition and the minor parties.

“If you need any proof of the dodgy nature of this inquiry, look no further than the support publicly expressed by senior members of outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

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