Macdonald Furious Over Palmer Committee

The Palmer United Party has last night succeeded in their cynical and opportunistic bid to convene a Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government.

Queensland LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has labelled the move as an abuse of Parliamentary process and an insult to the people who voted for the LNP government in Queensland.

“How dare Mr Palmer presume to know better than the majority of Queenslanders” said Senator Macdonald.

“And how dare he use the parliament of Australia as his personal play thing to penalise the Newman government for not giving in to his every whim.

Senator Macdonald expressed his dismay that the Labor party in the Senate had back-flipped and decided to support the motion to create the Senate Inquiry.

“It comes as no surprise that the Labor party have been swept along with Mr Palmer’s merry band of Misfits” he said.

“The governance of our nation is just a joke to these people. They don’t care about reducing debt. They don’t care about fixing the budget deficit. They don’t care about fixing our broken education and health systems.”

“All they care about is wasting hundreds of thousands of tax-payers dollars to settle Mr Palmer’s infantile vendettas.”

Senator Macdonald pointed out that the terms of the motion to create the committee restricts the membership to five Senators, only one of whom is from the Government.

“This Committee is an absolute farce” he said. “It does not represent the make-up of the Senate and therefore does not represent the will of the people. Any recommendations or conclusions made by this committee will be tainted by the fact that it is unconstitutional and unrepresentative.”

Senator Macdonald also noted that Senator Glen Lazarus, who introduced the motion to create the committee into the Senate, will benefit personally from its creation. “Senator Lazarus will receive in excess of $20,000 more pay as Chair of this committee.”

“This is a sad day in Australia’s parliamentary history.”

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