Macca's On The Road Again

Following the first post-winter-recess session of Parliament, which saw the repeal of the Labor’s failed Mining Tax, Queensland’s most northern LNP Senator is hitting the road once again.

North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald will be loading up the 4WD and heading off to Cape York and the tip of Australia for seven days of meetings with some of his most northern constituents.

“It is always useful for me to be able to speak with people who rarely see a politician on their home ground, having driven there on the roads that these people use every day” said the Senator.

“My responsibilities in the Senate and other parliamentary commitments keep me on the move for most of the time” he explained.

“But at least once a year we pack the Land Cruiser and head up north or out west.  It’s good for me to be better able to understand all of the issues that my constituents have, no matter where they live.

“I often wonder if southern politicians and bureaucrats, who bandy around the word ‘remote’, have any real concept of what it’s like to live and work in places with no real roads, no schools, no hospitals – and certainly no public transport!”

“I also want to use my trip to highlight a campaign that my parliamentary colleagues Warren Entsch and David Kempton have been working on for years and that is the upgrade of the Peninsular Development Road that I will be travelling on.”

“This is one of the major highways of Australia but at the moment is little more than a goat track. It is the life-line for communities in the Cape.  

On this trip the Senator will be travelling through Cairns up to Cooktown and Coen, then on to Weipa, Bamaga and Seisia on the very tip of the continent.

Residents who would like to meet the Senator on his travels or simply follow his progress can access daily updates on his website at and once there log in to the senator’s facebook page for further updates.

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