LNP’s northern powerhouse to drive Northern agenda

The political driving force of the North will come together for a two day conference in Townsville this weekend to focus on the best way to capitalise on the once in a lifetime opportunities expected to flow from the Northern Australia Whitepaper.

Northern-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald said he will be joined by state and federal parliamentarians including Herbert MP Ewen Jones, State Members for Burdekin and Whitsunday, Dale Last and Jason Costigan, and fellow Queensland Senators, James McGrath, George Brandis, Matt Canavan, Barry O’Sullivan and Joanna Lindgren for the Latitudes North conference which kicks off in Townsville on Saturday.

“It’s not often that any political party is able to bring together all of its Northern elected representatives in the one place at the one time to discuss such critical issues for the North,” Senator Macdonald said.

“We are on the cusp of a major era of development for the North that has been years in the making thanks to the tireless efforts of a group of LNP parliamentarians including myself and my federal and state LNP northern colleagues.”

Herbert MP Ewen Jones said it’s always great to have people from your party in your city.

“Any opportunity I can get to showcase our city and its needs to my party leadership is a real boost for Townsville,” Mr Jones said. 

Senator Macdonald said more than 100 LNP delegates from Northern and Western Queensland were expected to attend the annual conference, which will focus on achieving tangible policy outcomes to help drive the development of the North. 

They will be joined by a number of other visiting politicians including Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg, and Deputy Leader John-Paul Langbroek, and at least six other state MPs. 

This is the fifth year the Latitudes North conference has been held, after debuting in Cairns, Mackay in 2014, and Cairns in 2015.

“Given that the LNP at both state and federal level has been the driving force of development in the North, it is fitting that this year Townsville takes centre stage, Senator Macdonald said.

“We also look forward to welcoming the LNP Candidate for Kennedy, Jonathan Pavetto, to the conference, and we will be working with him to ensure we have a full complement of Coalition parliamentarians in the North to continue our strong representation in the North and ensure the Coalition’s northern agenda is delivered for the benefit of all Australians.” 

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