LNP Convention supports Caribou replacement in the North

The LNP State Council meeting in Toowoomba on the weekend endorsed overwhelmingly a call for the Federal Government to consider the relocation of the RAAF squadron replacing the Caribou, to Garbutt Air Force base in Townsville.

The motion was proposed by the Policy Standing Committee of the LNP and seconded by North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald.

Senator Macdonald said that the convention overwhelmingly endorsed the proposal.

Clearly most members of the LNP understood the strategic and policy sense of basing the C27J squadron in proximity to where the squadron would be likely to be used, Senator Macdonald said.

The C27J is a wonderful replacement for the much loved, much used Caribou aircraft and would be close to Australias front line for providing humanitarian aid across the top of Australia and into our near neighbour countries at times of natural calamity.

It would also be closer to any future military action that might require the services of the C27J.

Additionally the fact the aircraft would interact very closely with the battalions at Lavarack, makes it a no brainer to be stationed anywhere else.

I have made the Defence Minister, Senator Johnston, aware of the motion and this motion will complement the campaign of Herbert MP Ewen Jones and I to have the squadron located in Townsville Senator Macdonald said

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