Less than a month until carbon tax goes up again

Northern households, businesses and those on the land will be horrified to realise that, on July 1, Julia Gillards carbon tax is scheduled to rise by another five per cent.

Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia, said the rise would severely impact on Northern Australia, already reeling from the effects of fire, flood and the cattle crisis brought on by the arbitrary and quixotic live export ban.

The Carbon Tax is a bad tax which penalises all Australians and achieves nothing in reducing emissions, Senator Macdonald said.

If the Coalition is elected to government, we will abolish it. That will be our first action in government.

The Carbon Tax will be gone and we can turn our energies to rebuilding the economy of this great country.

Senator Macdonald said that while all Australians suffered under the Carbon Tax which was doing enormous damage, it hit Northern Australia harder because of the distances involved and the climatic conditions.

The Carbon Tax is hurting us all, manufacturers, agricultural industries, families, small business people, primary producers, pensioners, self-funded retirees, and bringing our economy down with it, the Senator said.

The only just and equitable solution is to get rid of the Carbon Tax and take measures to lessen our carbon dioxide emissions by practical and sensible methods which do not destroy our economy in the process.

Julia Gillard said there would be no carbon tax under the government she leads and all Australians know that she broke her word.

Senator Macdonald said the coming election was a referendum on the carbon tax and a bad government that does not keep its promises.

The choice in this election is between a Coalition government which will scrap the carbon tax one and for all, ease cost of living pressures and create more jobs ... or another three years of a chaotic Labor/Independent/Greens government which has legislated for increases in the carbon tax.

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