Lazarus’ sugar tax leaves a sour taste for Queenslanders

Senator Glenn Lazarus has once again proven how out of touch and ignorant he is of issues affecting Queenslanders, particularly North Queenslanders, with his latest comments supporting a tax on sugar*.

Northern based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald said Senator Lazarus’ latest blunder on taxing sugar was just another example of his disdain for one of Queensland’s most important job creating rural industries.

“I don’t think Senator Lazarus quite understands the importance of the sugar industry to Queensland,” Senator Macdonald said.
“Just like him originally supporting the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal which would have destroyed the lives of many mum and dad small businesses, he is now trying to destroy the lives of 4,400 farming families in this state.

“One minute Senator Lazarus talks about the importance of jobs for North Queensland, and in the next breathe he is talking about a tax that attacks one of our state’s biggest industries, which employs 16,000 people and is predominantly made up of small, family-owned cane farms.”

“He has as much chance of sweet talking his way out of this one as he has of convincing Northerners that his team, the Blues, can beat the Mighty Maroons.

“But it gets worse. Not only is he now anti the sugar industry, but his voting with the Greens to abolish the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will also send shudders through the backbone of another of Queensland’s important export earning, job creating family farms in the beef industry.”

These attacks on Queensland’s major rural industries are so significant that it required an urgent response from Queensland’s LNP Senators, three of whom joined in an attack on this anti-Queensland, Queensland Senator, Senator Macdonald said. 

“I was pleased to join with two of my Queensland LNP Senate colleagues, Senator O’Sullivan and Senator Canavan in highlighting Senator Lazarus’ anti-Queensland campaigns.”

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