Lazarus’ Lapse of Lucidity

Northern-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has slammed former PUP Senator Glenn Lazarus, after he backed union calls to restrict live cattle exports and questioned landmark free trade agreements that have opened new frontiers for Australian exporters and farmers.

Senator Lazarus, as quoted on ABC Rural News today, suggested he would ‘absolutely’ support calls from the union for a cap on live cattle exports.

“To blame the downturn in the state’s meat processing industry on our strong export market as Senator Lazarus has done is a very long bow to draw, and shows the extent of the ignorance we are dealing with on the cross-bench in the Senate,” Senator Macdonald said.

“The live cattle industry is a significant industry creating wealth and jobs particularly for our State.”

“For a Queensland Senator to want to subject Queenslanders to the chaos and destruction of the Labor Government’s live cattle bans of a couple of years ago, is unbelievable and an embarrassment.

“Families and family businesses were destroyed by the live cattle bans especially in the North and I can’t believe a Queensland Senator would be advocating that again.”

“Since the Coalition formed Government in 2013, there has been an unprecedented push to open up our export markets to capitalise on the growing international demand for Australian produce, particularly beef.

“Again, for a Queensland Senator to try to undermine the China Free Trade Agreement that means so much to our State, is incredible.

“Since we’ve re-established our live trade agreement with Indonesia, the industry is showing very promising signs for our cattle producers and the processing industry is flourishing,” Senator Macdonald said.   

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