Labors Legacy: Kennedy families paying $50 extra a week for childcare

North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald has expressed concern that a growing number of Kennedy families are paying the price of federal Labors legacy, with new Department of Education figures indicating childcare fees rose an average $50 per week in Queensland over the six years of the former ALP Government.

Senator Macdonald said: On average, childcare now costs over $3000 a year more than it did before Labor came to power and Im very concerned about the impact this is having on family budgets in Kennedy.

The June Quarter 2013 Child Care and Early Learning in Summary comes on the back of a recent review which found new regulations introduced by Labor added $2,000 operating costs per child per year for an average sized** long day care centre

97 per cent of childcare operators and educators identified national quality reforms as still a burden three years after Labor introduced them, pushing up costs and leaving carers spending less time with the children.

While our Government has already started the process to reduce some of this red tape, these new figures back our decision to task the Productivity Commission to find ways to deliver more affordable, accessible and flexible childcare in Kennedy, Senator Macdonald said.

While submissions to the Commission Inquiry closed Mon 03 Feb, it is still possible to get involved. Please check the official website for more information:

*Average Cost of Long Day Care (LDC) Hourly Fees:

September Quarter 2007 - $5.00

    • June Quarter 2013 - $7.50

    • = $2.50 average increase per hour in almost six years of Labor (50%)

    • x Average of 27.2 hours children spent in LDC per week = $68 extra per week

    • x 48 weeks per year (giving four weeks grace per year) = $3264 per year

**Average Long Day Care Centre (size) based on centre of 15 staff with 75 childcare places

Fee increases report

Red Tape impact report

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