Labors criminal neglect of cattle continues

The depth of the Labor Governments disregard for the northern beef cattle industry has been laid bare in answers to questions on notice from Senate Estimates Hearings which have just been released.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has admitted that it knew the situation was so dire that cattle would have to be slaughtered. The Department has also admitted that despite this knowledge, it did not send anyone to investigate.

Coalition spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia, Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald asked a series of questions at estimates hearings in May that brought to light the fact that the Federal Government was refusing to allow drought-stricken graziers to move their starving herds onto national park land that had previously been grazing pasture.

In May all we heard from the Minister Burke and his representative Senator Ludwig was that they had no idea about the problem. They denied receiving letters from the Queensland Government about the issue, and denied receiving emails from the Queensland government about the issue.

Sadly for the Ministers, we were able to produce a server log that confirmed his office had in fact been notified.

And now we have the Ministers Department conceding that they knew full well that herds were dying of starvation, and that they didnt even bother to look into it.

Noeline Ikin, LNP candidate for Kennedy said that that kind of neglect was bordering on the criminal.

I have been travelling around the electorate talking to graziers whose livelihoods are under threat, and to discover that the Labor government knew all about it and did nothing is another slap in the face for the people of Kennedy.

They dont realise the terrible effect this has had on communities right across Kennedy, and it seems they dont care either.

This is why it is even more distressing to see that Mr Katter is preferencing Labor who have shown absolutely no interest in the beef cattle industry, or in the communities of Kennedy.

Senator Macdonald said that the efforts of the Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australian governments to re-invigorate the beef cattle industry after the madness of the live export ban were being sabotaged by Labor neglect.

The Department has also advised that the one and only Rural Finance Counsellor stationed in the Northern Territory was removed at the end of 2012.

The people of northern Australia need sensible, reliable government that will look after the interests of critical industries like beef cattle. Only a Coalition government will provide the certainty and sustainability that the northern beef cattle industry needs.


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