Labor will stop the trucks to the North

The election of a Coalition government in September is the only way to save the trucking industry, so vital to Northern Australians, from a punishing carbon tax due to be imposed by Gillard and Swan from July 1, 2014.

Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia, said at the conclusion of his seven-day, 3000 kilometre trip around North West Queensland last week with LNP Kennedy candidate Noeline Ikin, that this savage new tax on diesel fuel was a major concern to many people he spoke to.

This new tax is part of Gillards carbon tax agenda and it will cripple the trucking industry and add the price of everything in Northern Australia, Senator Macdonald said.

Because of the vast distances which must be covered to get goods, into and out of, Northern Australia, we in the North will be hit harder than other Australians by this punishing new tax, Senator Macdonald said.

Diesel is currently taxed by a fuel excise of around 38 cents per litre. Trucking companies get a fuel tax credit of around 15 cents per litre. This Labor government plans to impose a carbon tax on the diesel used by the trucking industry from 1 July 2014 by reducing the fuel tax credit for trucks that weigh more than 4.5 tonnes by around seven cents.

Labors plan will impose the carbon tax on Australias 47,000 trucking businesses - 85 per cent of these businesses are small businesses and the trucking industry will pay $510 million per year in carbon taxes, Senator Macdonald said.

As confirmed by the Prime Minister herself, a carbon tax on fuel will flow to the price of everything, reducing profitability and, as a direct consequence, jobs and slowing down economic activity in the North.

Senator Macdonald said that as well as the new tax on diesel fuel, North Western Queenslanders were also gravely concerned about the live cattle export disaster, Bovine Johnes disease, the crippling debt burden being faced by farmers and the parlous state of the highways.

The only way to avoid the crushing blow of yet another new carbon tax is to re-elect a Coalition government which is already committed to the repeal of the carbon tax.


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