Labor uses Northerners as pawns in factional battles

Communities across the north have a right to feel that the Labor Party treats them like second class citizens after reports that a factional battle was blamed for its decision to base its incoming Senators in the state’s south-east.

Northern-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald said the Labor Party’s lack of commitment to the north had been exposed once again following the decision of newly elected ALP Senator Murray Watt to base his office on the Gold Coast.

“The Labor Party have no plan and no policy for Northern Australia, and this clearly stems from the ground-up when it comes to the machinations of the party,” Senator Macdonald said.

“When the Labor Party Left can’t agree with the Right on how to provide basic representation to the state of Queensland, it shows how Queenslanders are treated like pawns in the internal Labor Party factional fights.

Labor dumped its only northern Senator, Jan McLucas, in favour of a Brisbane-based union hack, a failed State Labor MP.

“It just goes to show the contempt in which the Labor Party hold regional communities, and the insidious factional power base that controls its elected Parliamentarians.”

In stark contrast, the LNP’s five Queensland Senators are based across the State, with one in Brisbane and the other four in regional Queensland.

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