Labor still can't make up its mind

After years of delays, new Environment Minister Mark Butler has pushed back the decision on Abbott Pointfor the second time since becoming the Environment Minister.

Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition Spokesman for Northern Australia, said the dithering around this decision was disgraceful.

A month ago he went back on the promise to make a decision on July 10, and now he has pushed it back another three months, Senator Macdonald said.

This indecision and procrastinating is a disaster for industry and business in the North and has been for the past six years of chaotic Labor government.

The previous Minister Tony Burke has been considering the question for years, and a decision was promised for July 10, and now Mr Butler still cant make up his mind..

This is a gutless government which wont make a decision for fear of offending strong supporters in the radical Green movement on the one hand and communities and small businessmen whose votes they hope to win, on the other hand.

It is a government which lacks honesty, courage, determination, maturity or any sense of fair play and justice. It is driven solely by its own political self-interest.

No wonder investment is drying up when investors simply cannot rely on the government to make decisions and stand by them. Who is going to risk their money with a government which is just as likely to change its decision, or refuse to even make one, when minority groups pressure them, or it suits their political agenda

You only have to look at the disastrous live cattle ban, a decision based on nothing but a television show and a vocal campaign by green lobbyists, or the switcheroo pulled on the supertrawler, first given clearance to fish, then when it arrived it was banned.

Now, when the Whitsundays business community is hanging out for a decision on Abbott Point, the environment Minister refuses to make a decision.

We in the North need stability and certainty and the only way were going to get it is to elect a Coalition government, one which says what it means and means what it says. Thats the only way to get the economy back on track.

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