Labor’s gutter antics stoop to new low

Northern based Government Senator Ian Macdonald has slammed Labor’s Doug Cameron, saying his attack on former Major General and recently sworn in Liberal Senator Jim Molan is a disgrace.

 “Here we have a man who has defended his country, put his life on the life to protect Australian values and led our troops and allies’ troops into conflict being labelled a “racist” by a desperate Labor Opposition looking to deflect from its own misery,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “Senator Molan has served in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Iraq and could not be a more upstanding example of a great Australian soldier.

 “It’s deplorable that Labor’s gutter antics have now stooped so low that they will resort to anything to take the spotlight off their own infighting and plight to sell out North Queenslanders for Green votes in Melbourne.

 “As a Member of Parliament representing the Garrison City, I call on Labor’s Cathy O’Toole to publically distance herself from comments made by her Federal Labor colleagues today and stand up for the reputation of our defence personnel.

 “Senator Molan has put his own life on the line to fight for Muslims in Iraq- many of whom are alive today due to his heroic efforts.

 “We should be applauding his service and sacrifice and I am disgusted by the level of grubbiness displayed by Labor today,” Senator Macdonald said.


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