Labor rejects the North

In Senate Question Time today, Labor drowned out a question relating to Northern Australia no less than three times.

 In unprecedented scenes, the President of the Senate had to ask for the question on the North to be repeated three times as not even the President could hear the question above the cacophony of shouting by Labor Senators.

 Northern based Senator Ian Macdonald asked the Minister representing the Trade and Investment Minister in the Senate, Senator Sinodinos, to explain the recent Northern Australia Investment Forum held in Darwin earlier this week and the outcome for Australia. However, Labor were not interested and drowned out the question.

 "Clearly the Labor Party are sensitive about the North, having just dumped their only Northern long- serving female Senator Jan McLucas in favour of a Brisbane based male,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “In spite of efforts by Labor MP Gary Gray (who just avoided being dumped from his seat), Labor Senators showed no interest at all in the North. 

 “This is an appalling policy failure by the ALP and one which Northern voters will remember.

 "I proudly advocate for the North and was pleased to have the Minister in Question Time to promote the Government’s plans for Northern Australia.

 "One upon a time one Labor Senator showed interest, but with the dumping of Senator McLucas  the Sydney Melbourne cohort of unions that control the Labor Party now, rule the roost and clearly have no interest in the North.”

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