Labor flips over again

On the very day Labor voted against scrapping the carbon tax, their lead Senate candidate in Western Australia asserted inThe West Australianthat Labor IS scrapping the carbon tax, North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald said today.

Speaking in the debate this morning on the Bill to repeal the Mining Tax, Senator Macdonald said that such unpredictable behaviour typical of Labor.

You cant trust a word they say. Under Julia Gillard, Labor promised the Australian people that there would be 'no carbon tax' before an election and as soon as she was elected she turned like a corkscrew and brought in the carbon tax.

Families and businesses in Innisfail region who are struggling under the burden of high electricity prices and transport costs would be justified in asking their local State member just where he stands on the issue.

Does he support his partys behaviour in voting against the repeal of the carbon tax

Although given Labors record on this issue, his answer mightnt mean much.

The Labor Party can flip in a matter of hours in the morning in WA theyre scrapping the carbon tax, but by lunchtime, thats gone out the window and they insisted on keeping it.

Senator Macdonald said that Labor simply could not be trusted on the carbon tax.

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