Labor disregard for coal jobs on display once again

Friday, 29th June 2018

Labor Disregard for Coal Jobs on Display Once Again

The Senate has narrowly voted down a motion to support building coal fired power stations in Queensland.

Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald voted in favour of the motion, and was joined by his Queensland colleagues Senators Canavan, McGrath, O’Sullivan and Stoker.

“The Labor Party voted against this motion without exception. Just like the Labor Party in Queensland, here in the Senate Labor does the bidding of the Greens Political Party,” Senator Macdonald said.

“The motion called on the Government to facilitate new coal-fired base-load power stations, and the retro-fitting of existing power stations.

“A Senate Motion is not binding but it does speak to the things that we believe. And the LNP in Queensland believe that coal has a place in Australia’s energy mix.”

Senator Macdonald said that the Government’s National Energy Guarantee policy will allow for coal-fired power to continue providing inexpensive and reliable energy, whilst at the same time promoting greater reliability and cleaner energy across the national grid.

“It is obvious that the Labor Party – both in Queensland and Federally – have no interest in securing energy that is affordable, reliable and clean,” Senator Macdonald said.

“They have no interest at all in reducing cost-of-living pressures, or promoting economic recovery in regional Australia.”

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