Labor denies all knowledge of Queensland request to save cattle

In a fiery question time in the Senate today, Senator Ludwig denied all knowledge of a Queensland government request for Environment Minister Tony Burke to allow agistment of starving cattle in conservation reserves.

Questioned by Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition Spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia on why the Gillard government was prepared to let 300,000 animals die a gruesome death by starvation, Senator Ludwig said that neither he nor Minister Burke had received any request from the Queensland government.

When faced with copies of the letters sent both to Minister Burke and Senator Ludwig, the Senator resorted to following his leaders example (ie there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead) and claim that the letters were being held up in Senator Macdonalds office. In fact the letters were emailed and posted direct from the Queensland Minister to Burke and Ludwig last Tuesday.

Its a disgrace that Senator Ludwig is playing politics with an issue which involves a catastrophic measure of suffering for these animals, Senator Macdonald said.

Either Senator Ludwig was not telling the truth, or the organisation in his office is as chaotic and shambolic as the organisation of the government of which he is a part.

Whatever the reason, it doesnt address the suffering of those 300,000 cattle which could be alleviated by the simple and practical measure proposed by the Newman government and backed by the Queensland RSPCA, of allowing them to be agisted on nearby ex-cattle properties which have only recently been included on the conservation register.

Senator Macdonald said it was inexplicable that a government which was so concerned about inhumane treatment of some cattle in Indonesian, now didnt seem to care less about the looming animal welfare catastrophe involving 300,000 cattle in North Queensland.

Its just more hypocrisy and attempted point scoring from a government desperate to gain some traction as it slides down the slippery slope to oblivion.

But that doesnt help the suffering of those 300,000 cattle.

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