Kennedy candidate welcomes Macfarlane

Noeline Ikin, LNP candidate for Kennedy, welcomed the arrival of Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources Ian Macfarlane to join her and the LNP Senate team in Mt Isa and Cloncurry today.

Ms Ikin said that she was pleased that Coalition Shadow Ministers had such an interest in the North and that Mr Macfarlane would be talking to mining companies and attending the Miners Dinner in Cloncurry tomorrow night.

North Queensland based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald who is also in Mount Isa this week with Noeline Ikin said that as Opposition Spokesman for Northern Australia he was also pleased see Mr Macfarlane in the Isa.

Mining and energy is one of the significant industries in the North and the Shadow Ministers presence in one of the principal mining regions highlights how Northern Australia contributes to the national wealth, Senator Macdonald said.

Mr Macfarlane said North Queensland was an important contributor to Australias economy, in particular because of its connection with the resources sector.

The resources industry has been let down by a divided and dysfunctional government under both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, Mr Macfarlane said.

This Government has been more interested in hitting the sector with new taxes like the mining tax and the carbon tax, rather that providing a vision for the future.

Australians should be proud of the resources sector and the contribution it makes to the nations economy.

As families and small businesses here in Mount Isa understand, the mining industry also employs thousands of Australians both in direct resources jobs and in other sectors and businesses that serve the mining industry.

As the Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources I travel to communities like this right around Australia, and the message is clear the mining industry and the towns and regional communities around it want a Government that can restore confidence and support jobs.

A Coalition Government has a clear plan for the energy and resources sector.

First and foremost, we will scrap the carbon tax and the mining tax, both of which have been a drag on investment. A Coalition Government would also restore proper consultation and policy-making in energy and resources.

We will also set up a one-stop-shop for project approvals that will cut through the red tape that is stifling investment in new projects.

Under a Coalition Government therell be no more tax grabs and no more assaults on the sector through class warfare or by changing the rules for investors.

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