Increased mobile coverage across Kennedy

Fourteen new or upgraded mobile base stations are expected to improve mobile coverage across the Kennedy electorate under Round 2 of the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot program, Northern-based Government Senator Ian Macdonald said today.

Senator Macdonald said he was pleased to see that a number of more regional and remote sites across the electorate could expect to benefit from improved mobile phone coverage.

“Today’s announcement is wonderful news for all those living and working in some of the most regional and remote parts of the Kennedy electorate, as well as those who regularly use major transport routes in these areas.

Especially in these communities, mobile reception is often the form of communication, so it is vital that we continue to fund infrastructure that improves mobile phone coverage.

The new or upgraded base stations are:

  • Belyando Service Station
  • Boodjamulla National Park
  • Burke and Wills Roadhouse
  • Danbulla
  • Flinders Highway
  • Gregory Development Road B
  • Irvinebank
  • Lake Barrine
  • Mena Creek
  • Mount Carbine
  • Mount Fox
  • Paluma
  • Pawngilly
  • Tinaroo

Round 2 of the Coalition’s Mobile Black Spots program will deliver new or upgraded coverage to 6500 homes and businesses across 17,500 square kilometres via 266 new or upgraded towers. This includes 1900 kilometres of major transport routes.

The locations for round 2 of the Mobile Black Spot Program were selected following an appeal to the public to nominate black spots.

These locations were entered into the national map which was provided to mobile network providers to assist them to develop funding applications. These were assessed against the program guidelines by the Department of Communications and the Minister accepted the Department’s recommendations without change.

“The new base stations across Kennedy are due to the efforts of the community in identifying black spot locations and advocating for them to be fixed,” Senator Macdonald said.

The locations of all of the 266 base stations can be found on the national map at


More information about the Coalition Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program can be found at


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