Greens' Cynicism On Display

Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald has responded angrily to Greens Political Party leader Christine Milne’s comments in Queensland this week that equated terrorism with climate change.

Senator Macdonald said he was astonished by the Greens leader’s cynicism and lack of respect for the victims of recent atrocities and their families.

“I simply cannot believe this kind of nasty, absurd rhetoric from the Greens,” he said.

While campaigning in Queensland, Ms Milne said “Extremism and murder are horrific….but so too (is) global warming.”

“To equate climate change to the siege in Martin Place in Sydney, and to recent events in Paris, shows the most abject disregard for the sentiment of the global community and of people here in Australia.

“For the Greens Political Party to attempt to use the horrors of religious extremism to promote their environmental agenda is, quite frankly, sad.

“I just cannot believe that Christine Milne would attempt to convert the community’s aversion to terror attacks into a response to environmental issues.

Senator Macdonald said that Christine Milne’s suggestion yesterday that responding to climate change is what will keep Australians safe – rather than responding to issues of national security - shows how out-of-touch she is with the people of Australia.

“I’m sure the Greens would love it if millions of people took to the streets in support of their policies.

“But they haven’t.

“And they wont

“And I think Ms Milne will soon find out that the Australian people take a very dim view of this kind of cynical political opportunism.

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