Government steps in to support QNI workers

The Federal Government has been able at last to step in and help QNI workers through the Federal Government’s Fair Entitlements Guarantee.

Government members in the North led by Herbert MP Ewen Jones have been working behind the scenes to ensure that the Fair Entitlements Guarantee was applied as soon as possible once it became apparent the company was to be placed in liquidation.

Northern based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald today gave praise to the work Ewen Jones had done in lobbying Government ministers and the Prime Minister in relation to his constituents.

“There is a certain process to be followed and not until it becomes clear that the company cannot fund entitlements itself can the Government step in,” Senator Macdonald said.

“I am pleased to see the Government appointing a Special Liquidator to fully investigate certain aspects of this whole transaction which appear, to put it politely, unusual 

“The issue is made worse by the fact that one of the principal players is a full-time serving politician, and there are three other politicians who have benefitted from some of the financial transactions that seem to have occurred. 

“These include a current serving Queensland Senator who should account for any money he has received from the Palmer United Party, which may have received funding from QNI at the expense of its workers.

“It would be nice if the Queensland Government could do something positive to save an employment creator in the region but to date the local Labor State MP’s seem only to have tried to blame everyone else without accepting any responsibility for the state of the refinery.”

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