Government condemns cattle to hideous death

The Gillard government was quite happy to ruin the Northern cattle industry on the strength of cruelty to a few hundred cattle reported in a television program in 2011, but they have no hesitation in sending millions of cattle to a gruesome death by starvation in 2013.

Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition Spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia, the centre of this crisis, said the decision by the Government to prevent starving cattle from grazing in National Parks and conservation areas was cruel and inhumane.

My recent trip across North Western Queensland clearly showed me the extent of this disaster, caused by Julia Gillards ban on live cattle export and the drought, Senator Macdonald said.

The consequences have been massive overstocking and simply nothing for the cattle to eat.

No low interest loan will save these animals from a horrible death by starvation.

For a government allegedly concerned about animal cruelty, where are their priorities

But as is usual with this government, common sense and humanity take a back seat to environmental slogans and the agitation of pressure groups.

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