Get used to it Northern MP tells Indonesians

Indonesian MPs complaining about not being consulted on the PNG boat people transfer farce, should not be at all surprised according to Opposition Spokesman on Northern Australia, Senator Ian Macdonald.

Senator Macdonald said the cavalier approach of the Rudd Labor government to our nearest and biggest neighbour on asylum seekers, was identical to the insulting approach of the Gillard government on the live cattle export ban fiasco.

In the case of the cattle export ban, Indonesians read about the cessation of a trade, which provided one third of that nations protein food, in the morning papers like every Australian, he said.

There was no consultation, no courtesy, no explanation and no understanding of what this would do to Indonesia let alone how it would destroy the once vibrant northern beef industry.

Indonesian MPs could hardly expect King Kevin to do them the courtesy of some consultation over the PNG detention centre farce that will also impact on Indonesia.

These ongoing insults to our nearest neighbour make it harder for the current Australian government to negotiate anything in good faith with the Indonesian government.

Only a change of government can restore the once cordial relations and mutually beneficial trade deal that we used to have with Indonesia.

For those of us in the north suffering from the live cattle ban, the consequences of the Labor governments incompetence is likely to be repeated as illegal boat people take the easy trip from PNG through the Torres Strait islands to mainland Australia.

Again Northerners will bear the brunt of Rudds incompetence.

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