Fully Funded Adani Mine Bids Good Tidings For Northern Australia

Wednesday, 28th November 2018


Indian mining giant Adani’s announcement that it will fully fund a scaled back version of the Carmichael mine and rail project in central Queensland has been welcomed by the Coalition Government, with preparatory construction works due to start any day now.

The Galilee Basin mine has the potential to provide Queensland with a much-needed economic boost by creating more than 7,000 new regional jobs and generating long-term investment in the mine and rail infrastructure.

During the last financial year, the mining sector poured $62.9 billion into Queensland’s economy and was responsible for more than 54,000 fulltime jobs.

Northern-based Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald said he was delighted by the news, which will once and for all re-ignite confidence in the Queensland economy.

“We have received confirmation from Adani that it is ready to start construction on the mine and rail projects after many setbacks and hurdles led by the Queensland Government, who do not seem to realise that development projects like these are imperative to Queensland,” Senator Macdonald said.

“The time for Queensland and Northern Australia to start reaping the benefits that projects like the Carmichael mine will bring to their communities has been long overdue. These projects will pull the plug on the critical unemployment situation in North and Central Queensland and provide Queensland regional communities with an economic booster.

“It’s time to start rewarding Queenslanders with jobs and helping our Queensland communities, big and small, to prosper.

“These projects are the keys to the future of Queensland and Northern Australia.”


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