Full time Judge for Townsville

Friday, 22nd March 2019

Full time Judge for Townsville

Mr Guy Andrew has been appointed to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, located in the Townsville registry commencing next Monday, 25 March 2019.

North Queensland Based Senator Ian Macdonald welcomed the announcement of the appointment of Mr Andrew to position.

“I have been in the ear of the Attorney-General since the vacancy and I am glad that today the Legal community and the people of North Queensland region have a full time Federal Circuit Court appointment.”

“From the many discussions I have had with professionals in the legal community I know how welcome this announcement is today.”

“The mechanism for appointing a judge is complex and lengthy to ensure that due process is observed,” said Senator Macdonald.

“What this means is that for the whole time that the Labor Party has been braying about what they might do if they form a hypothetical government, we have been busy making this appointment actually happen.

LNP Candidate for Herbert Phillip Thompson said he has been working closely with the Attorney-General’s office to ensure Townsville got a Federal Circuit Court Judge. 

“We all know that this appointment will greatly benefit our region and will assist to reduce the wait times people face to have their matters resolved.”

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