Federal Government Moves On Medicinal Marijuana

The Chair of the Senate Committee that recently endorsed a proposal for the regulation and legal use of medicinal cannabis, Senator Ian Macdonald, has welcomed the Government’s announcement on amendments to regulate growing of Marijuana that will make use legal under a doctor’s supervision.

 Senator Macdonald, a Queensland LNP Senator, is Chair of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee which recently reviewed a Private Senators Bill proposed by Greens Leader Senator Di Natale

 "The Committee, which has a Government majority, unanimously approved Senator Di Natale’s Bill subject to certain amendments to address technical issues and the Federal Government’s international obligations on Treaties which regulate illicit drugs worldwide.

 “I am very pleased the Government has moved on the issue and will bring in Amendments to existing Acts to allow for production and use in a regulated way, before the end of the year.

 “I congratulate Senator Di Natale on his Bill which has provided the impetus for the Government’s action and will allow for the use of a drug which, evidence before the Committee showed, is beneficial and in many cases provided relief not otherwise available.

 "As long as it is done in a careful way that in no way encourages or give a nod to illegal use of cannabis for recreational purpose, then I am sure the Bill will pass parliament quickly.

 “This is all about medicinal cannabis to treat illness," Senator Macdonald said.

 “Some concern has been raised about he process but I am assured there will be immediate relief for those who currently have to travel overseas to get the drug, or who are out of necessity using it illegally in Australia.

 “I would hope the Government’s amending Bill will be sent to my Committee for a short Inquiry to make sure there are no unintended consequences or delay in bringing about the availability of this important drug.”

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