Even Victorian Labor reject Shorten's anti-coal dogma!

Monday, 18th June 2018

Even Victorian Labor Reject Shorten's Anti-Coal Dogma!

Labor’s Bill Shorten has been shown up yet again as having no leadership within his own party, with Victorian Labor going against the Federal leader’s position on coal.

Northern based Federal Government Senator Ian Macdonald said the Andrews Labor Government’s extension of the mine licences of Latrobe Valley power plants Yallourn and Loy Yang to 2051 and 2065 respectively are in stark opposition to Mr Shorten’s well publicised positon.

“And this impacts across Queensland in Collinsville, Mooranbah, Clermont and other Bowen Basin towns.

“While I applaud the Andrews Government for this sensible decision, it flies directly in the face of Labor’s plans to introduce a framework for the closure of coal fired power stations across Australia,” Senator Macdonald said.

“For far too long we have seen the Labor party treat Queenslanders in the Bowen Basin Coalfield area as mugs and walk both sides of the street on this issue.

“Earlier this year, Mr Shorten created a sovereign risk to the nation when he went on a high flying jaunt with environmental activist Geoff Cousins, who claimed the Labor leader promised he would seek to “kill off” the Adani project in Labor wins power.

“We also have a Queensland Labor Premier who killed off thousands of North Queensland jobs when she vetoed a Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility loan to help kick start new coal projects across Central Queensland.

“Unemployment across the North remains at worryingly high levels and we have local people crying out for jobs in the mining sector.

“I call on Mr Shorten and the Queensland Premier to stop demonising coal, stop selling out blue-collar workers and follow the Andrews Labor Government by getting real in their approach to jobs and energy.

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