Elderly residents in North’s regional areas to benefit from new aged care services

Aged care services across the north will receive a major boost with the announcement of additional aged care services in regional and remote areas of North Queensland.

Northern-based Government Senator Ian Macdonald said it was wonderful news for the remote far northern community of Bamaga, and Richmond in the state’s north-west, with new aged care places meaning elderly residents no longer have to move away to access care.

“These new aged care places in these two locations means that elderly residents with increasing or complex care will no longer be forced to move away from their families and their local communities in order to access quality care,” Senator Macdonald said.

Bamaga will benefit from a new Multi-Purpose Service (MPS) that will provide six aged care places, and funding of more than $426,000.

Once the service is established, older people in Bamaga will no longer need to leave the region in order to receive aged care in a residential setting, Senator Macdonald said.

The new service in Richmond will deliver four new places, and an additional $297,000 in funding. Currently, there are no other residential aged care services within a 100km radius of Richmond.

“No matter where we live, all Australians deserve access to targeted, flexible and tailored health and aged care services,” Senator Macdonald said.

“I congratulate the operators of these new services for their dedication to the people they serve.”

The MPS Program is a jointly funded Commonwealth and state and territory government initiative providing integrated health and aged care services to small regional, rural and remote communities.

For more information about the MPS Program visit agedcare.health.gov.au/MPSprogram.


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