Early payment of Financial Assistance Grants good news for Herbert

Thursday, 29th June 2018

Early Payment of Financial Assistance Grants Good News for Herbert

Councils in the Herbert electorate will be able to start work on crucial new projects following an early cash injection of almost $ 5,334,608 under the Financial Assistance Grants program from the Turnbull Government.

Northern based Government Senator Ian Macdonald said the Turnbull Government has made an early payment of 50 per cent of the 2018-19 Financial Assistance Grants funding to councils in the region to help support the delivery of essential services and local infrastructure.

“This is a major windfall for councils in Herbert who rely on untied grant funding to fund a wide range of local projects and services including in transport, health, sports and recreation, environment and employment projects,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “As a former Councillor, I recognise the importance of giving councils the power to determine local priorities in their region.

“These grants are therefore an extremely important means of allowing local governments to invest substantial allocations of federal funds based on local needs.”

Three Councils across Herbert will receive early funding:

  • Hinchinbrook Shire Council - $1,029,233
  • Palm Island Shire Council - $653,632
  • Townsville City Council- $3,651,743

More information about the Financial Assistance Grant programme, including funding being made to individual councils across Australia, is at: www.regional.gov.au/local/assistance

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