Developing export markets in the North

Graziers and businesspeople in the North West of the State have had a boost with nearly $200,000 being allocated so far to help them develop new export markets, North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald said today.

Senator Macdonald said the Government was also seeking to enhance the way the Export Market Development Grants scheme is administered after it was cut by $25 million a year by the previous Labor government. New legislation has been introduced into the parliament to give effect to the changes which will also make the scheme more accessible to businesses looking to export.

For example businesses looking to pursue their first export sales will now be eligible for a $5,000 grant, if they spend $15,000 on export promotion, whereas previously they would have received nothing. Previously, they had to spend a minimum of $20,000 to be eligible, Senator Macdonald said.

Established exporters would also now be eligible for up to eight grants under the program whereas previously the maximum number was seven.

These grants assist small and medium sized businesses to enter new export markets and become self-sustaining exporters and employers.

We want to make Australia one of the best places to start and grow a business and these grants help in that pursuit.

Senator Macdonald said the Government was delivering on its election promises by driving growth and innovation.

The improvements the Coalition is making will benefit many small business exporters in rural and regional areas, he said.

Local businesses like Global Herbal Supplies in Mareeba and MDH Pty Ltd out at Cloncurry are just two of the businesses which have taken advantage of the opportunity provided by these grants.

Export markets are our future and these grants will help small businesses access markets they may not have thought possible.

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