Cost of living up again today thanks Kevin

Today the Carbon Tax rises again by five per cent increasing the cost of living for all Australians but particularly for those of us in the North.

North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition Spokesman on Northern and Remote Australia said in the North we already pay more for everything because of the impact of freight on normal living costs

"But today these costs will rise as the insidious Carbon Tax impacts on every aspect of life.

"And its not just this year! The tax will go up by five per cent again next year.

"And in a double whammy for Northerners, the tax will apply for the first time on diesel fuel from next year, exacerbating costs for daily living essentials. Almost everything consumed in the North has a freight element because of transport costs and this means diesel fuel.

Kevin Rudd may change the name to try again to deceive Northerners, but the tax will remain whatever the name.

"The only way to stop the tax is to abolish it and only the Coalition will do that." Senator Macdonald said.

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