Community Development Program reforms: supporting remote job seekers in Kennedy

Thursday, 24th December 2019

Community Development Program reforms: supporting remote job seekers in Kennedy

Remote job seekers in Kennedy will have more opportunities for flexible working arrangements under the first phase of the Coalition Government’s reforms to the Community Development Program (CDP).

Phase one of the reforms include increasing flexibility for job seekers to complete their mutual obligation requirements, reducing participation hours to up to 20 hours per week, changing the provider payment model to incentivise greater engagement and job outcomes, establishing a capital investment fund and building community engagement.

Senator Macdonald said that the introduction of flexible hours would allow participants to take part in CDP whilst still fulfilling other cultural commitments.

“Making these changes to flexibility in hours show we are listening to communities, it will also make the program more reflective of present workplace practice around the country,” Senator Macdonald said.

The first phase of reforms will also include a new payment model to incentivise CDP providers to offer a more tailored service to keep participants engaged in activities or in a job.

Providers will be able to spend more time supporting CDP participants into activities or work.

Frank Beveridge, LNP Candidate for Kennedy, said that the LNP had striven to strengthen community say over how CDP is delivered locally, which has led to these CDP reforms.

 “Supporting community engagement through community advisory boards and establishing a $2 million capital investment fund will be accelerated to the reforms’ first phase,” Mr Beveridge said.

“Most importantly, this program will be delivered by indigenous organisations, which again means a greater opportunity for the community have a say in CDP’s delivery locally.”

The CDP has seen participation lifted from a shocking 7 per cent under Labor’s failed Remote Jobs and Communities Package (RJCP) to now more than 74 per cent. 

Ahead of the full package of reforms the government will introduce the following reforms which start from March 2019:

  • reducing hours of participation to up to 20 hours per week (from 25 hours currently);
  • increasing flexibility so you can meet requirements in a way that best suits you;
  • increasing community engagement and the role of Indigenous organisations;
  • changing the provider payment model to remove incentives to breach;
  • establishing the capital investment fund; and
  • supporting more jobs in remote communities.


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