Communities encouraged to comment on flag retirement options

Communities across the north are being encouraged to provide feedback on the best and most appropriate way to retire used, damaged and worn out Australian National Flags.

 Northern-based Government Senator Ian Macdonald said the Australian National Flag Protocols currently didn’t provide detailed guidance on how to retire flags that are damaged, faded or dilapidated.

 “There is often confusion from residents and community organisations about how to retire the national flag with dignity and respect,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “Through this consultation process, I hope we can gather some useful suggestions and feedback on an appropriate flag retirement protocol for the future.”

 Senator Macdonald said the national flag was a symbol of great importance to residents across the country, especially in the North.

 “The Australian National Flag is proudly displayed by many community organisations, RSLs, schools, clubs and local residents, reflecting the great pride and respect that Australians have for our flag.”

 Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, Senator the Hon James McGrath, said a Flag Retirement Protocol Consultation Paper has been made available to help start the discussion.

 “In particular, the Government is interested in community views on changes to Flag Protocols to include guidance on conducting a retirement ceremony for worn national flags,” Senator McGrath said.

 “We think this may be a good option for schools, clubs, organisations and others looking for a sense of formality around flag retirement.”

 For a copy of the Australian Government’s Flag Retirement Protocol Consultation Paper or to provide feedback on flag retirement options, visit Submissions are due by the end of February 2017.

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