Climate science still not settled

Oceanography experts from Harvard and MIT have released a report about deep ocean cooling over the past 20 years that raises questions on the reported pause in the rate of global warming. 

North Queensland-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has welcomed the report as further evidence that the questions of climate change and global warming have not been definitively answered.

"I have often said in the Senate, as recently as July 17 this year, that despite the howls of indignation and vilification from the Labor Party and the Greens, the science on the cause of climate change is not yet settled," said Senator Macdonald.

The report by Professor Carl Wunsch from Harvard and Dr Patrick Heimbach from MIT will be published in the Journal of Physical Oceanography and acknowledges that more work is needed to explain the phenomenon.

According to a report in The Australian today, the academics say that much less heat is being added to the oceans than is suggested in previous studies, and that in making any direct determination of changes in ocean heat content the "uncertainties remain too large to rationalise”.

Senator Macdonald said this latest research indicated some of the problems associated with fixed views on the issues of climate change and global warming.

"I concede that I have no technical knowledge in this area. But after reading reports such as this lead me to the belief that those who claim the science on these issues is settled have a view that is not universally shared by respected scientists," he said.

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