Climate Authority costly and biased, says Senator

The Climate Change Authority, set up under the Labor-Greens Government, was an expensive exercise in providing jobs for the boys, it was claimed in the Senate today (SUBS: Thursday, July 10).

Senator Ian Macdonald, who questions the impact of human activity on climate change, said the Authority was stacked with mostly Labor-Greens sympathisers and was therefore incapable of giving independent advice.

He North Queensland-based Senator said truly “independent” climate advice could be provided by existing respected bodies such as the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO.

Senator Macdonald made the comments during an impassioned speech in support of the Climate Change Authority (Repeal) Bill in the Senate today.

Senator Macdonald also questioned the cost of running the CCA ($8 million a year).

“The interest that we pay on the debt that was run up irresponsibly by the Labor government, supported by the Greens, is costing us something like a couple of million dollars a day, so I guess $8 million for the Climate Change Authority is not a big amount; but every amount counts . . . and when you have a financial crisis, as we do in this country, when you have a country that is heading towards owing something like $500 billion to foreign lenders, then every little bit of a saving that you can make is important,” he said.

Responding to heckling from Labor-Greens Senators, Senator Macdonald defended those individuals and scientists who disagreed with the theory that climate change was caused predominantly by humans.

“Once upon a time, the world was covered in ice . . . the centre of Australia was a rainforest . . . there was an inland sea in Australia. All of those things have changed,” he said.

“I accept climate change . . . but is it man’s emissions of carbon since the 1950s that has caused that?

“I know any number of highly qualified scientists who have a different view but, because they have a different view, under the Greens-Labor regime they were never able to get a grant for research out of the Labor-Greens government,” he said.

“I can give you the names of two, and I know there are hundreds more whose university careers were destroyed simply because the research grants that are so important in the careers of university academics would never come their way because they had a view that the Gillard government and the Greens political party did not like.

“That in itself is a scandal. I wonder where the Human Rights Commission and all those other groups that are so vocal when it suits them were when this little piece of information came around?” said Senator Macdonald.

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