Cattle industry ignored

The Labor Government has again demonstrated its contempt for Australian graziers at a cattle industry crisis meeting in Richmond on Tuesday. The meeting was attended by industry representatives, and Federal Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig.

Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia expressed his dismay and exasperation with Labors on-going disregard for the well-being of Northern Australia generally, and the billion dollar northern cattle industry.

Labor has deserted primary producers across Australia and nowhere is this being felt more acutely than in the norths cattle industry he said.

Graziers have been hit first with the quixotic ban on live exports in 2011, the effects of which are still being felt, and now a drought.

The crisis meeting heard on Tuesday that there were two million more cattle than there should be because of the live export ban, and there was not enough grass to feed them.

The time for talk has passed, Senator Macdonald said.

But Minister Ludwig has acted true-to-form and has offered the industry absolutely nothing in the way of assistance, or hope.

This dysfunctional Federal Government now says that its a State Government responsibility ... does that mean the States could have revoked the Live Export ban

Labor has already proven it is incapable of managing the economy, and now they show us all that they have no understanding of the value of the cattle industry to Australian exports and thereby to Australian economic health.

Its yet another demonstration of the blind spot that Labor has when it comes to Northern Australia they refuse to recognise that Northern Australia, with only five per cent of the countrys population, produces nearly 50 per cent of its exports and deserve support.

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